4WARD PRODUCTIONS                                                     818.700.9700                                                         9810 Owensmouth Ave., Ste. 1

Incorporated 1989/dba Paramecium Productions Inc. 1995                                               Chatsworth, CA  91311

The finest in Academy Award-winning effects supervision, consultation, design and execution!

Matte Paintings, miniatures, macro-photography, perspective models, CG models, image restoration, digital compositing...We create visual effects images based on decades of experience with real-world photography and lighting conditions.

Whether you’re looking for ghosts, creeping ink-blots, people turned to powder or giant marauding worms, we offer a variety of approaches, from traditional to digital to unique “hybrid” blends of techniques that will provide your film with an identity that is definitely not “off the shelf”!

We create artificial realities, realistic fantasies, alternate futures, other worlds...The choice is up to you.  Anything Imaginable.

ROBERT SKOTAK  -   Visual Effects Supervisor

JOSEPH J. SCHULTZ - Supervising Digital Artist

DAVID HARDBERGER - Director of Photography

DENNIS SKOTAK - Visual Effects Consultant